Bots + Emoji + Clipboard Manager

How to layer Emoji One + a clipboard manager, speed up your bot building, and improve your execution speed across the board.


Its 2019.  

A New Year.  

Whatever your resolutions are this time, having more time in general, is likely to help you achieve them.

Today we are going to combine the Emoji One chrome extension + a clipboard manager to drastically speed up your bot building. 

Not only that, if you have never used a clipboard manager before well then I reckon I can speed up your entire year.


It's 2019 and when do we want things? 

That's right.

Utilize today's hack and you are gonna have what you need and when you need it.... which is right now!

Emoji + Clipboard Manager

In video I cover how to leverage emoji one + a clipboard manager to speed up your bot building

  • I explain the emoji one chrome extension
  • Intro to a clipboard manager
  • What emoji + clipboard manager look like working together
  • How you can leverage the clipboard manager in other ways

In the video I make mention of The Emoji One Extension and also Ditto.  If you are on a mac then google "clipboard manager" and I am sure you will find a similar one.

Bot Hacks

Short video/audio rants on topics that are too short to cover in the podcast.  Hacks that will level up your bot building game.

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