How to Run Contests / Giveaways on Messenger with Manychat 2.0

How to run contests / giveaways on messenger with manychat part 2, an update of sorts, some frequency and context, we are gonna talk about bugs, and finish it off with some newly learned tradecraft

Show Notes

First things first, if you have not heard the first episode on how to run contests on Messenger with Manychat — How to Run Contests on Facebook with Messenger aka The Golden Ticket — on contests you are gonna want to listen to that one first I reckon.
For Noah Kagans giveaway deal, called KingSumo

Enjoying the show

Likely you will want to run giveaways on Messenger with Manychat. To do that as well as get the bonus content, somebody say bonus? Well, the best way to do that then, is give it a floor play subscribe to it, right mhere.

Or switch over to messenger and search for Bots for the Win.

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