The Fundamentals of Bot Building

What are the fundamentals of bot building, answer both; Why bots, why now and why Facebook Messenger and why its worth going all in on messenger if you can and bots in general if you can't


The fundamentals of bot building

  • Work on bringing subscribers into your bot
  • Put them all through your survey
  • Setup a wall in your bot, none shall pass without going through the survey
  • Capture the email address
  • Get the bad fits for your business out of everything
  • Go all in on the good leads and focus all of your attention on them

Messenger Bots vs Bots in General

The fundamentals of bot building apply equally to both.

The sheer profundity of getting cold traffic into your bot, getting their FB profile data, getting their email address, and then getting to know them via their survey responses.... all in their first visit is just plain crazy.

What an amazing and stark contrast to how long its taken to get that level of detail without leveraging bots in your marketing stack.

Game.  Set. Match.  Bots. 

Bots for the Win.

What about you?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Do you plan on bolting these fundamentals into your bot?

I want to hear about it.

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