How to Compress Images for Bots

How to compress images for bots, how to compress gif's, and the software you can use to do both called


Good news.

Image compression if a relic of the website days.

Being that we are on to web 3.0, i.e bots, we no longer need to worry about the size of our images or gifs.


Sadly no.

Both the images and ESPECIALLY the gifs (videos for that matter too) and their corresponding file sizes and therefore loading times are a big deal.

They are big deal on your web page and they are a big deal in your bot too.

Read you are going to be re-sizing and optimizing creative for the rest of your digital life, deal with it.

Attention is the currency of the land and that attention is already bored of your chat bot and likely begging for a lagging load time to bounce right out of your bot and get on to the flash sale, text message, or cat video that is also competing for that attention.

So your job is to keep them engaged and that means compress your damn images and gifs. (more on video later)

Image Compression

In video I cover how to compress images for bots

  • Why you have to compress images/gifs
  • Service you can use to do images & gifs
  • How it compresses gif's even (amazing)
  • The results you can get when you compress correctly

The service I use to accomplish this is (full disclosure I have no affiliate relationship with this company what so ever, I just like em)

Not only is great for bots but if you are on WordPress their plugin takes care of all of it when you upload your images.  

Trump up there with the "wrong" weighed in at 14mb when I downloaded it.  I uploaded to WordPress now its at 5mb without having to do anything but upload it... Amazing! 

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