How to Shorten Links in Your Bot

A hack on how to shorten links in your bot, when to use these links, and what scenarios they apply too


Life is a game of inches.

That is what these hacks are all about.

Grab an inch where you can, grab another one, and then go grab another.

Never stop stacking.

Next thing you know you are Tom Brady and still winning Super Bowls at 41. He has been stacking inches for years.

(The inches reference, Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday)

Why would you want to shorten links in your bot?

Yes of course for tracking purposes but this is a different deal.

In this case, it's to remove friction from the desired outcome for your user, and to get the most ROI you can out of the attention you do have.

The app we are gonna use is called Url Genius.

What Url Genius will allow you do is take any of the social links you can see in the image above and route the user according to where you want them to go based on what device they are on currently.

Let me explain with a scenario.

Let's say you have a flow in your bot that asks your user to follow you on Instagram.

Some of your users might be on their computers using the Messenger app and others (likely near 100%) will be on their phones.

Normally you would just provide a link to your insta profile and hope they click the link, then login to Instagram, which is a pain on a mobile phone,  and then follow you.

With Url Genius...

  • if the user is on the computer they will get the web version,
  • if it detects they are on their phone and do not have the Instagram app installed then they get the web version,
  • if they are on their phone and do have the Instagram app installed then it will bounce out of messenger and into Instagram.

This makes for a friction free one click follow.

Pretty slick.

It intuitively routes your users accordingly.

Better still it takes about 2 seconds to create one of these links.

Url Genuis Detail

Now you will likely want to see this in action I imagine.

I have created a flow you can go through that shows you the differences between the normal link and what the link looks like the Url Genius puts out.

You can opt into that flow here

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