How to track your marketing efforts in your bot

How to combine growth tools, tags, a folder, and flows into a clean and clear data picture. Visualize what's working... quickly.


It's always nice having the data.

Better still when its easy to visualize it and easy to access it.

No exporting files, waiting for the zip to show up in your email, not going into excel or sheets, cleaning up the columns and the like.

Just a quick look and you have a very good read on how your latest marketing campaign is performing in your bot. 

A Marketing Campaign

For our example we are going to sending traffic from a range of sources to a flow in our bot which features Squirely Dan here.

squirely dan

(Squirely Dan, despite his name, likes his marketing data clean)

In terms of traffic sources we are going to leverage the following

  • An email to our email subscribers
  • A messenger broadcast to our FB messenger subscribers
  • A FB post
  • A link in the IG profile
  • A link in our IG stories (let's assume we can link out)
  • In bot sharing
  • Three friends are gonna share links to the campaign as well

Same technique can and does apply to any additional sources you might have at your disposal.

Growth Tools

That is a whole lot of traffic sources.  So we are gonna need a whole lot of growth tools.

In our case we are gonna have (what Manychat calls them anyway) a few different messenger ref urls and a FB comment growth tool.

So we create them all and name them all properly. This part is easy enough.

Naming conventions are up to you but allow me to suggest the following.

Squirely Dan = [SD] + source + type = (Url)

  • [SD] Email Link (Url)
  • [SD] Insta Profile (Url)
  • [SD] Insta Story (Url)

How you do it is up to you but something unique to the campaign will make sure filtration is nice and easy. (the [SD] in this case)

The Freeway, The On-ramps, and now the Toll Booth.

I am fond on the analogy that your bot is the freeway, the growth tools are the on-ramps, all of the ways you get people on to your freeway/bot.

If we stick with this analogy, then our next step is we are gonna add a toll booth to properly track all of our traffic sources.

Toll Booth

Old System
All growth tools would dump their subscribers into our main flow.

New System
All growth tools dump their subscribers into the toll booth and then into our main flow.

The toll will be paid in this case with a tag and clean data (Has anybody got a dime?).

In our case lets assume the following...

Freeway / Main Bot Flow = "Attentions Paid Main Flow"
On-ramp / Growth Tool = "[SD] Insta Profile (Url)"
Toll Booth / New Flow = "IG profile (Start)"

So the growth tool "[SD] IG Profile (Url)" is now going to dump our traffic into our new toll booth flow "IG profile (Start)" which will tag our user and then dump them into our main bot flow "Attentions Paid Main Flow."

That is our growth tool to toll booth step.

Manychat Toll Booth

In our toll booth we apply our tag and send em to main flow.  Easy enough

Folder View

Two things.  

  1. This is an important organizational step
  2. Post campaign, where the magic happens

So make sure you create a folder, title it, and place all of the campaign flows — the toll booths and the main flow — into this folder

ManyChat Folder View

Then post campaign, you pull up the folder, and with a quick glance you can see exactly how the campaign went, who did the heavy lifting, who should get all of the credit, what to double down on etc.

Sum it all up

It sounds like allot of extra steps and it sorta is.  But the value of the data, to be able to attribute things accurately makes it completely worth it.

Once you get the hang of it its really pretty quick and as long as you use the folder then things stay organized and clean.

Moreover, if later you feel like diving into an cohort analysis.  Was once source better than the other in terms of sales or LTV or whatever, you have clean and tagged data just waiting for you.

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Angry Higgins

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