How to Stay Up To Date With Manychat Features

How to stay up to date with ManyChat Features, 3 Steps to avoid the fomo and save time, and a bonus on buggy behavior


Lots of ways to win in SaaS although most would say its getting way way harder.


Competition is getting fierce.  Before you might of been duking it out with just a few of em.

Think Coke vs Pepsi or Bud vs Coors vs Miller.

In SaaS those days are long gone.

Now instead of one or two competitors you are up against like 50.

Want to win in those conditions and you better have a solid strategy in place to differentiate yourself.

ManyChat Features

Part of ManyChat's strategy is to out iterate the competition.

By the time they their competitors have copied their latest feature they are already 3 additional features down the line.

Got Features?
Take a gander at that furious feature update pace

ManyChat Features

Now the last thing you want to worry about is allowing this blistering feature update pace to create FOMO in your mind and pull your focus from your bot building.

So this Bot Hack will sort this for you.

3 Steps to Avoid Fomo and Stay Up To Date

  1. Bookmark the ManyChat Changelog
  2. Bookmark the ManyChat Blog
  3. Join and bookmark the ManyChat Facebook Group

Now lets talk about how we (well, me at least) combines the 3 steps.

Put all three links in a folder, save the folder on your browser bar, open it weekly, perform a quick scan.

If something piques your interest you jump into the FB group and hit the announcements, and read through the comments for some color commentary. I detail how I like to go about this in the video above.

Do that and you will avoid the FOMO, feel like you are always up to date and ahead of the curve, and you can stay focused on your bot building and messenger conversations.

Buggy Behavior Bonus

This could of been its own Bot Hack but figured I would include it.

In addition to the changelog page ManyChat also has a status page.

ManyChat Status Page

Also helpful to bookmark.  I have relied on this twice in the last week.

What does everybody else do?

They run right into the FB group and post about how something is not working.

What do you do?

You hit the status page, contemplate what it means and potentially turn your ads off, or stop a growth tool, or whatever.

Never Miss a Hack

Angry Higgins

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