How to Use Video in Your Messenger Bot

How to use video in your Facebook Messenger Bot, messengers 25 MB video rule, different video types you can use for the different situations



Works great in Facebook Messenger Bots and in Manychat.

You will want to leverage it often.

The problem with video is two fold

  1.  Currently the FB Messenger platform has a 25mb per video size limitation
  2. Video is the #1 cause of a laggy loading FB bot - yes you audience will bounce.

Just ask the judge

If you are using video you need to get to it.  Your audience is waiting and the bigger your video is the longer its gonna take to load.

This is important for images, for gifs, and ESPECIALLY video.

So when video in the bot is called for it's helpful to have a framework you can leverage as you approach the best video types to use.

Video Type Framework

In video I cover how decide what video type is best for your bot.

  • The four different video types you can use in your messenger bot
  • When to use each, the upsides of each, the downsides too
  • Some tools you can use to optimize and compress your videos
  • How to leverage your messenger audience to build your Youtube channel

In the video I make mention of Handbrake and also Apowersoft.

Handbrake is open source and free and Apowersoft is paid.  Both get the job done.

(BTW for my in-depth, by which I mean thorough, tutorial on how to use Handbrake go here.)

If you are planning to keep your video in bot either are helpful to ensure your bot experience is loading snappy while keeping the quality at a calm, safe, and sensible level.

If your video is just too big for the bot then you can check down to the other three options.

Bot Hacks

Short video/audio rants on topics that are too short to cover in the podcast.  Hacks that will level up your bot building game.

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