Facebooks F8 Bot 🙂

Facebook F8 Bot was built specifically for a live event; messages,info on panels, the wifi password and moar

Review Date: May 2nd, 2018
Tags: live event, 2018

What We Liked About It 😉

At the time of this teardown the concept of a chatbot to better serve a live event was pretty new. Sorta doubt that is gonna stay that way for long. What an amazing use case.


A text message level relationship with your event goers. Amazing. In Facebook’s case they used it to announce where happy hour was going down (Cold Beers?) as well as a reminder to come pick up a free gift.

F8 is a smallish event. What about at say a Coachella?

You can have a mobile website for pertinent information or you can have a chatbot. Once that cellular network gets overloaded which is going to be more effective, easier to access, be less bandwidth intensive and and a better experience overall?


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