The Goodness Factory Bot

An agency bot with great copywriting, creative use of quick reply buttons, and some very nice customer survey and segmentation.


Review Date: July 16, 2018
Tags: 2018, agency, copywriting

What We Liked

Nice to see an agency launch with some proper content marketing.


Well, we are content marketers, that's why.  It works.

These folks wrote a great piece on bot personality and we like it.  So we made a pass at tearing down their bot for good measure.

Great copywriting for sure and what we loved about it is not just the copy but the biggest problem it attempts to solve for bot agencies out there right now.

Explaining to normal folk that the heck a bot is, what it can do, and why they might need one.  Moreover, that the time to invest in the dev of one is now.

We are quite sympathetic to that argument mind you.

So for the eager types that want to launch an agency then this is a good one to mimic.

Or if you need a bot they are a solid candidate to use.

Also, a good idea to pay attention to use the of the quick reply buttons which we think were well done.

Enjoying the bot teardowns? Want us to teardown yours? 

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