World Cup 2018 Player Quiz

A World Cup Bot, Great player quiz, good news jacking, and an intelligent little hack to jump form bot to bot


Review Date: June 20th, 2018
Tags: 2018, sports, sporting event, soccer

What We Liked About The World Cup Bot

World Cup is off the races and its already a good one.

No better sporting event exists (Debatable?  Not in my estimation)

The World Cup player quiz bot was an enjoyable experience for a fan, even if you know as few of the obscure players they highlight as I did.

What really impressed me about the whole experience though was the use of the messenger reference link to pull bot users out of one bot and move them into another.

What is impressive about this, as I write this up anyway, is that its hard to break the FB messenger web browser.  

They want to keep you in app so they work pretty hard at doing that. Any link click, or external link from messenger keeps you in messenger.  Not sure there is even a way to break out of that yet.

I reckon this is gonna end up becoming a thing.... bot shops and builders will start building whatever type bots for no real purpose other than lead gen.

Drive the traffic from the lead gen bot to the company bot.

Calm, safe, and sensible.

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