Golden State Warriors Bot

A bot needs a menu, this is a good one, we explore whats possible in a bot menu +++


Review Date: May 30, 2018
Tags: 2018, menu, sports

So this particular bot has a been a media darling since the start.  Been covered whole bunch, it was created with Chatfuel, one of the best agencies, etc, etc.

All of which is great.  Kudos to all involved. Yeah.

Not what we love about it though.

What We Liked

As we have said on the podcast, one of the interesting bits about this whole bot thing is to what extent they can completely replace a website.

Take it easy... no one is suggesting that websites are over, that you don't need one, or that bots are gonna completely replace them anytime soon.

Just that the bot experience can be far superior to your website when done correctly.

So what is not to like about what a menu just might look like for an entity that is an octopus with so many tentacles, a modern sports franchise.

The live events, the media portion, the ecommerce and merch side. On and on.

A huge company, a huge business, and a great look at whats possible, what the future of a complete website inside of a bot might look like.

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