Product Hunt Bot

A bot with epic brand voice, super short but conversational dialog, and thoroughly enjoyable updates (for me anyway)


Review Date: May 31, 2018
Tags: 2018,brand voice, conversational

What We Liked

Really enjoyed the Product Hunt Bot.

Both during the teardown and certainly since.

One of most difficult things to do with a bot is to keep things conversational and short. We see so so many bots that struggle to do that.

Copywriting for bots is a new sport of sorts and most tend to default to what they are used to doing. Much much longer copy.

Keep it short and snappy and you are winning.

The product hunt bot is winning.

Also noticed that in true Product Hunt fashion they built the bot with an upcoming product hunt release.

The bot software is called FeatherChat.

Sorta amazing to think about how many different bot software options are emerging. Exciting.

Also find their broadcasts to be enjoyable as well (product hunt fan already though) and for the foreseeable future don't have plans to opt out of them.

Enjoying the bot teardowns? Want us to teardown yours? 

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